• How do I know which HALLS product is right for my needs?

    HALLS products have a range to suit different needs. To find the right product, try the Find the Right HALLS Product for You tool or explore our range of Products.

  • What are the ingredients in HALLS products?

    Ingredients differ between products. Please refer to our Products pages or the label on the back of the product package for more information

  • Where can I purchase HALLS products and at what time of the year?

    HALLS products are available at most mass merchandisers, grocery stores, and drug stores year-round. HALLS products may also be found at local convenience stores and discount stores.

  • What is a key difference between HALLS cough drops and HALLS PLUS Soothing Syrup Center cough drops?

    Both products are made with menthol in an Advanced Vapor Action® formula which goes to work to help relieve coughs, soothe sore throats, and cool nasal passages. A key difference is that HALLS PLUS Soothing Syrup Center has a liquid center while HALLS cough drops are solid lozenges.

  • What is HALLS REFRESH candy?

    HALLS REFRESH is a refreshing confection. It is a delicious hard candy specially formulated to help moisten your mouth.

  • What is the shelf life of HALLS products? How do I tell if these are still good?

    Please refer to the "Best by ..." date on the back of the label.

  • How many HALLS cough drops can I take? What is the recommended dose?

    Please refer to the Drug Facts label on the back of your package for complete directions on using our throat and cough drops. For HALLS DEFENSE and HALLS REFRESH products refer to the serving size.