HALLS started in delicious confections.

In 1893, the Hall brothers founded HALLS in Great Britain to manufacture jams. Soon they began to produce candy products such as caramels and traditional British favorites like chocolate limes and humbugs.

So how did Mentho-Lyptus get started?

In 1927, Hall Bros. creates a sugar confection with Mentho-Lyptus, a combination of menthol and eucalyptus. This product helps sooth sore throats and relieve coughs. In the 1950’s HALLS Mentho-Lyptus drops were introduced into the U.S.

A history of market leadership in the US.

In 1973, sales of HALLS grow rapidly and HALLS becomes the market leader in cough and throat drops in the United States. It still is today.

Serving consumers through innovation:

  • 1990

    HALLS Plus Soothing Syrup Center is introduced as the only cough drop with a soothing syrup center.

  • 1994

    HALLS Sugar Free drops launch in the U.S.

  • 1999

    HALLS Defense, a Vitamin-C supplement drop,launches.

  • 2002

    HALLS Breezers, the brand’s first non-mentholated product,launches to help soothe everyday throat irritations.

  • 2013

    HALLS Extra Strong Menthol Flavor, launches with an intense nasal cooling sensation.